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Welcome To My Website

In January of 2013, I made a New Year's Resolution to commit to my art passion, with the idea of showing my works in public, or sharing them online.

Over the years, I have completed many paintings, drawing and commissions, but many of my earlier efforts had been stored away when the challenge to finish was too much for me or I was unhappy with the results. With my new focus of finishing EVERYTHING I start, and dropping the mindset to be a perfectionist, my artwork is finally "Coming out of the Closet." That is extremely challenging for me; to publish my artwork to the scrutiny of the unknown is a very personal decision.

Just like a photo, a work of art online may have a different effect than on a wall in a room or a gallery. Sometimes, the crispness, the lighting or the viewing of something has a different look then when you are seeing it in person. However, I am thrilled to be able to share my artwork with you online. If you would like to view something in person, please contact me through my website.

As you browse through the themes in my gallery, I hope that you will identify with some of my works or will be inspired to take up the art challenge yourself. I have a keen ability to visualize artistic compositions from landscapes or scenery before me, and apply them to my art. You may find some of my subject matter familiar to you.

By 2015 I hope to be offering art classes once again out of my home. I have appreciated time spent with many talented children and adults in my community, be it volunteering or teaching art classes, or learning from my fellow artists and creative friends.

My current focus is on my Niagara series, to be followed by more attention to the other gallery headlines. In my future are endless projects and themes which I wish to eventually share. One of them is an illustrated story titled, "Wild Farm," and the other is a series of small illustrations put to quotes from famous writers and poets. I am having so much fun... especially now that I have stopped taking myself and my art so seriously!

facebook"Like Me" on Facebook at Diane Ptolemy Art for current news and casual pictures of my work in progress.